Rich Constantine
Administrative Director of Athletics

Can you answer these questions?

When should you register with the Clearinghouse?

When can College coaches start contacting you?

How many official visits are you allowed to take to NCAA DI schools?

When should I start taking unofficial visits?

Do you know what the scholarship limit is for your sport?

What do I need academically to be eligible to play in college as a freshman?

Do you know the Core Course requirements for NCAA DI and DII?

Do you understand the recruiting calendar and what counts as a “Contact”?

Are you waiting until your senior year to begin this process?


Do you want to play SPORTS in college?

The time to prepare is NOW!
  Dear Student-Athlete and Parent:
In an effort to provide resources and educate our staff and families with regards to college athletics and the recruiting process, we recently subscribed to an online Educational Recruiting System from Dynamite Sports, Inc. This powerful system has three (3) integrated websites, and includes over 120 streaming videos, 15 power-point presentations and hundreds of charts and documents. Use this System as a resource to help our student-athletes achieve their ACADEMIC & ATHLETIC goals for college, whatever they may be!
  Our Programs:        
  The Coaches' Circle was originally designed to provide professional development for high school coaches. Now, this innovative website also helps student-athletes and parents learn more than they could ever imagine about college athletics, recruiting, eligibility, and much more! It includes over 100 streaming videos that make the learning process much easier.   This website includes useful tips on how to get involved in the recruiting process as well as many charts and text documents to help guide you along the way.  

The Counselors' program was originally intended to be a resource for the school counselor. In fact, it also provides families with detailed information on obtaining academic eligibility for college.

This site contains a "Resource Library" and a "Virtual Counselor". There are streaming videos, presentations, and many documents to help you understand eligibility.

  How to enter the Web Site:        

** THIS SYSTEM IS PASSWORD PROTECTED. Bookmark the following URL in your “favorites” and use it to obtain our schools' USERNAME & PASSWORD and gain access to the complete system:
Go to and view the “Event Calendar” for upcoming recruiting seminars in our area.